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Robots in Water - Land - Air

We develop embedded hardware and software for our partner Festo Bionic Learning Network.


A swarm of autonomously controlled jellyfish

A swarm of autonomously flying objects that
come close to its natural archetype in terms
of agility and manoeuvrability

An ultra light yet powerful flight model
with excellent aerodynamic qualities, extreme agility

and incomparable efficiency

SmartInversion is a helium filled flight model, that uses the third propulsion type, called as inversion.
It has an ultra light embedded system on it and can be steered by using a mobile phone

The BionicOpter is a complex, lightweight flying object, inspired by the natural dragonfly. The BionicOpter is able to fly complex flight manoeuvres.


JNTec's Responsibilities

- conceptual design and realisation of the hardware
- embedded systems for the robots consisting of
- four micro controllers
- diverse sensors and
- intelligent power management hardware
- wireless communication system
- communication through water and air
- wireless programming - also under water
- wireless monitoring  - also under water
- embedded IR communication system
- 3D indoor localisation system
- light and efficient hardware design

- development of software responsible for partial or full
  autonomy of the robots
- swarm behaviour algorithms
- collective behaviour algorithms
- intelligent sensor system software
- intelligent power management control
- autonomous charging algorithm
- microcontroller programming
- wireless programming


- Intuitive Apps for flight control of the objects,
  condition-monitoring and diagnoses