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Flying Objects

We also develope control systems for UAV, which are presently used for 1:1 scale flying cars and creative flying objects.


We have developed flight control systems for objects that are used to fly. In order to provide controlled steering and flight regulation of these objects, these special embedded systems have been developed.

To the right, flying pictograms at "Stars, die Winterspiele und Du!" in the Allianz Arena, Munich.

These flight control systems, have been intensively used by AirStage by Effekt-Technik.


JNTec's Responsibilities


- strong processing power 
- highly efficient
- light weight
- tiny design

- pilot - remote - UAV wireless interaction
- full or partial autonomous flight maneuver
- partial flight regulation for pilot support
- live parameter monitoring
- adjustment of flight parameters in real time
  and during flight
- and of course perfect and easy flight operation