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"We make things think" and let them think smart!

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Our core competences:

Embedded systems Hard- and Software development
Robotics in water, on land and in the air                   
Rapid embedded development
Customized apps
Individual solutions
Our mission:

is to fulfill your vision!

Our motto:

If you can laugh together,
you can work together.
(Robert Orben)

When creative and competent minds come together, one of a kind and technologically advanced projects come into being. Hence the JNTec GbR was launched in the year 2008 by Kristof Jebens and Agalya Jebens .
Their core competencies have been since enhanced and successfully used. In cooperation with other firms, innovative and technologically inspiring projects have been successfully developed and worked on.
We will find solutions that are:

Low cost
and fair

Our experience shows:

Most of all - satisfied customers
Professional high-tech solutions
Innovative and successful projects
Quality work

Complete Solutions

Rapid Embedded Development
     Embedded Systems  



Hardware PCB Design

Software Development


Final Product

Based on AVR or ARM processors

Embedded programming for individual solutions

Indoor localization techniques

Wireless monitoring, control and even
wireless programming of ARM processors

Wireless GUI monitoring for example
for sensor nodes or robots

 Robotics Software Solutions Flying Objects

 Event Moderation

Software responsible for
partial of full autonomy of the robots

Autonomous charging algorithms

Intelligent power management control

Intelligent sensor system software

Swarm/Collective behaviour algorithms

Pilot - Remote - UAV wireless interaction

Full autonomous or partial autonomous flight maneuver

Partial flight regulation for pilot support

and of course perfect and easy flight operation
 Apps    Man-Machine Interaction


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