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Worldwide premiere
SkySpirit - computer controlled flying objects

SkySpirit IAA 2015

SkySpirit in action

SkySpirit is a modular system, which enables objects on land and in the air to be automatically controlled. Developed for indoor purposes, SkySpirit is already in use for different applications. These are especially
  1. Musicals
  2. Theaters
  3. Eye-catcher for advertisement
  4. Industry to analyse, control and monitor diverse processes
  5. Customized events
SkySpirit is linear time code compatible. The objects can be charged autonomously.


The ability to think is a great gift of nature.
Inspired by this thought the JNTec GbR was founded in 2008. With the core competence in hardware and intelligent software development, various amazing projects have been created using our electronic developments.

We are specialized in prototyping complex electronic systems with different types of processors and various types of sensors as well as different communication systems.

For our most popular projects we have developed various control systems, collective
behavior, autonomous recharging systems, 3D-localization solutions and interactive software.

Professional high-tech solutions - water tight and ultra light.
Have a look around!

JNTec - We make things think
and let them think smart!


Flying Objects